Month: April 2016

Day: 15 April 2016

Minecraft are a fantastic tool for teaching learning algorithms

It might sounds crazy, but open-world games like Minecraft are a fantastic tool for teaching learning algorithms—which power the next generation of advanced artificial intelligence—how to understand and navigate three-dimensional spaces. Achieving that is a major stepping stone toward creating AI that can interact with the real world in complex ways.

It’s easy to consider videogames mindless escapism, but because they generate such vast amounts of information—think of the expansive world players create in Minecraft—they are exceptionally well suited to teaching an AI how to perceive the world and interact with it. “It’s hard for a human to teach AI,” says Xerox researcher Adrian Gaidon, because they are “worse than the worst toddlers in the world—you have to explain everything.”

Beyond a certain point, humans just don’t have the time and patience to teach an AI how to behave. Videogames don’t have that problem. You may grow frustrated with them, but they never grow frustrated with you. Read More

Video Games Taught Me How To Take Control Of My Life

Many ’90s kids like us have experienced our own discomfort (if not hardship) dealing with video games. We remember the time we first got our hands on that small plastic controller of that 8-bit console. It was constant, near-impossible negotiations between us and our parents about how much time we should spend in front of the device.

Fast forward another 10 years, and I guarantee most of us still face the same problems. These sneaky habits we learned from avid video game use stuck with us while we were growing up. Little did our parents know playing these games could shape our lives in the most positive way imaginable. For me, it taught me a lot about life, and how to endure it.

I remember the times I played the crazily expansive MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) games. They stole most of my bedtime and studying time, and prevented me from doing my chores. Read More

Beyoncé shares photos from Blue Ivy’s extravagant birthday party

It turns out Beyoncé is just as good at throwing birthday parties as she is at producing hits.

The world-famous pop star held a lavish, fairy-inspired blowout for her daughter Blue Ivy’s 4th birthday earlier this year. The newly released photos show a sprawling green lawn covered in couches and teepees, a kid-friendly bow and arrow station and a pair of actresses suited up as fairies. from

Blue Ivy wins at birthday parties

Elle UK Magazine
It shouldn’t come as any surprise really: Blue Ivy has already beaten us when it comes to the parental lottery, exotic destinations visited and record-busting videos appeared in, so we’re not even mad that a four-year-old has just left any childhood

Blue Ivy’s Birthday Party Is Now My #WeddingGoals & I Am Not Ashamed — PHOTOS

Bustle –
When you’re the offspring of the music industry’s most powerful couple, there’s no question that your birthday parties are going to be lavish AF. So it comes as no surprise that Blue Ivy’s fourthbirthday party looked more magical than most weddings

Beyonce Shared Pics From Blue Ivy’s 4th Birthday Party, & It Was Total #PrincessGoals

Romper – ‎Apr 13, 2016‎
I think it was always pretty safe to assume that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy has a fancier life than most people, but now we actually have proof. Beyoncé shared pics from Blue Ivy’s 4th birthday party on her website Tuesday, and let’s just

Inside Beyonce’s AMAZING birthday party for Blue Ivy: See the incredible pictures

It’s always been clear that Beyonce is not your average mum, what with being a global superstar and icon’n all. But the singer has just proved that, when it comes to mummy duties, she sure knows how to rock it and can pull out the best birthday parties

Blue Ivy just gave a whole new meaning to #PartyGoals 10:00AM
No longer will we be shelling out £400 on a table at a ridiculously pretentious club for our birthday. Nor will we be booking in for a fancy afternoon tea only to take ridiculously bored (but aesthetically pleasing) Instagram photos. No, no, no; next

Beyoncé Did Something Truly Epic for Blue Ivy’s 4th Birthday

BET – ‎Apr 13, 2016‎
While her birthday was earlier this year on January 7, her mama Beyoncé recently blessed us by sharing some amazing snapshots on her official website of the fabulous fairy-themed party that she and hubby Jay Z arranged for their little one’s 4th birthday.