Birthday parties idea in Ottawa – Video Game Party

Children’s birthday parties are something we as moms frequent multiple times a year. Whether we are planning our own or attending another one for the fourth time this month, we’ve seen it all: from the last-minute fiasco to the well-planned extravaganza. As we plan our own party, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Some of my best words of advice as an event planner is to always, always think outside the box. That is just what we did with this party we’ve themed, “Video Game Party,” .

Let’s face it. which kid doesn’t like video game?And with GamesOnTruck Mobile Video Game Party you’ve got nothing to lose.

Any parent in Ottawa, Ontario will tell you that video games are the most popular kid’s toy around, so what better way to celebrate your child’s birthday then by providing the ultimate video game heaven? Not only are the kids thrilled, the parents are too! GamesOnTruck video game truck is weather proof for events all year round and keeps the kids and the mess out of your house! We handle everything…all you have to do is tell us where to park!

Inside the truck you will find premium comfort on the long leather couch that runs the length of the trailer and offers prime seating in front of 4 flat-screen HDTV’s. Equipped with XBOX 360 XBOX One, PlayStation 3 &4, Nintendo Wii and Wii U, the truck allows up to 16 kids to play at one time.

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