Microsoft will reveal a new Xbox One controller and other hardware at E3

We’ve heard a lot of talk about new hardware from the Big Three console manufacturers throughout the year, but have yet to actually see anything concrete from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. With E3 just around the corner, you’d figure that the event would be the perfect place to officially reveal something to the world. If sources within Microsoft are correct, it’s possible that the Redmond giant will finally reveal some new hardware in June. Although it may not be a brand new console, we could be seeing other hardware announcements that should be interesting.

According to thurrott, we can expect to see a new standard Xbox One controller get announced. This controller won’t be radically different than the one that currently comes with the console, though. At most we’ll see a new color design, if there is even one at all. Reporter Brad Sams believes the controller could be white, but I believe that unless a new white Xbox One is also announced, that the controller will remain black. Read More

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