How not to throw a kids’ birthday party

That time of the year looming on the horizon? Pinterest boards of perfect children’s birthday parties giving you the heebie jeebies? Worry not. If a dozen of these have taught me one big lesson, it is how not to do it. Here are my top tips on common pitfalls to avoid:

1. Don’t look online for inspiration: Those Pinterest boards are designed to instill fear and inspire a lack of confidence in the average parent. Take inspiration instead from fun birthday parties your friends and other families from school/nursery have organized. That’s what normal people do. Oh and yes, they also buy cake from supermarkets, personalisation optional.

2.  Don’t forget entertainment for the kids: Given half a chance, bored kids in a group turn into a crazed mob. Especially when sugar and salt, i.e. crack for kids, are involved. Think about games; GamesOnTruck mobile video game truck is the most talk about now in Ottawa. Read More

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