10 Reasons Attending A Kid’s Birthday Party Might Not Be Fun

Below are the 10 reasons some parents can agree that attending a kid’s birthday party is the absolute not fun for them.

  1. You have no idea what to get the kid as a gift and it’ll probably be the same one every other kid gets for them.
  2. Everyone in the class is invited so you barely know the kid at all and have to fake it with the parents.
  3. If your kid is shy, they cling to you the whole time.
  4. If your kid is outgoing, they’re probably responsible for getting the other kids hyped up.
  5. All of the kids walk around with greasy pizza hands touching everyone and everything.
  6. If the party is some kind of activity, you end up spending the whole party helping your child instead of hiding in the corner.
  7. There’s always one parent who winds up all of the other kids until they are too crazy to control.
  8. You watch as the birthday kid spits all over their cake to blow out the candles — you really wanted a piece.
  9. Or the birthday child gets hysterical because some other kid blows out the candles (probably your kid).
  10. You’re only free from party hell after your child has consumed three adult-size slices of sugary frosted cake.

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