All you need to know as PS4 Pro out this November

In the end it’s not called the PlayStation Neo, PS4K, or PS4.5, but instead the long-rumoured upgrade of the PlayStation 4 will be named the PS4 Pro. And it’ll be out before Christmas.

What all this power is used for is largely up to the developer making the game, or creating a patch for a title that already exists. However, the three things which Sony emphasised were 4K resolution, HDR gaming, and virtual reality.

One of the most unexpected announcements was that next week Sony will release a free update that will grant HDR compatibly to every PlayStation 4. As they pointed out, HDR is not reliant on processing power – which is why the Xbox One S also supports it, despite not being any more powerful than the standard Xbox One.

Although VR was listed as one of the three main beneficiaries of the console’s new power it was barely mentioned beyond that. Which is odd as before today many assumed that improving the VR experience was one of the main reasons the PS4 Pro had been created.

One of the key points Sony kept making is that the PS4 Pro will be running the same games as on the standard PlayStation 4, using the same discs and downloads, but with added enhancements on top. This ‘forward compatibility’ is dependent on the publisher making the effort to take advantage of PS4 Pro, but it doesn’t have to be just limited to 4K and HDR.

Also announced at the event was the already thoroughly leaked PS4 Slim, although Sony never referred to it as that and stated that it would simply be the standard model moving forward. Apart from being a bit smaller it doesn’t do anything substantially different to the existing model, and is instead aimed at people that just haven’t got round to buying a PlayStation 4 yet.

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