Problems of kids playing video games

Moderation is the key to avoiding most problems that can come with video games. Problems tend to come up when children spend too much time gaming.

The most common physical side effects of too much gaming are eye strain, headaches and repetitive strain injuries (RSI). A very small number of game players have experienced epileptic seizures, and changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

Social and emotional side effects of too much gaming include obsessive behaviour – that is, children want to play them all the time.

Children who play violent video games for long periods of time might be less empathetic. This is especially true for boys.

Bullying can happen when groups of children are involved in multiplayer games such as Minecraft. For example, they might deliberately harass other players and or even try to exclude them from the game.

Children who don’t like group activities and classroom instruction very much tend to like single-player video games, which might make them even more antisocial