Everything you want to know about Mobile Video Game Parties

How far in advance should I book a party?

We recommend booking your party at least one month prior to the party date to ensure you receive your complimentary invitations in your email in time to invite your guests.

Do you need power?

We are completely self powered. A quiet generator powers the trailer so we can host the excitement without disrupting the neighbours.

How much parking space is required?

We need about 50 feet of space to accommodate both the truck and trailer.

How many players can you accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 16 players at a time.

What do parents have to do during the party?

Adults are free to join in the fun, but no adult supervision is required! Each party is hosted by a Game Coach whose job is to share expert gaming tips, motivate, and supervise the play.

How do the invitations work?

We will send invitations to your email to print out after your party has been confirmed and deposit paid.

What about bad weather?

We come in rain, shine, temps below freezing or over 100 degrees — we are climate controlled! As long as it is safe for us to drive.

How can I book a party/event?

Booking is easy! Simply click the “Book a Party!” button at the top of this page. When internet access is not available feel free to give us a ring at 613 – 829 – 9662

How do I secure my party date/time?

We require a minimum deposit of $70 to secure your party/event date/time. The deposit will be deducted from your party/event total amount that must be paid 7 days before the day of your party/event.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You will not be charged if you cancel at least 7 days in advance of your party/event date. Cancellations within 7 days of your party/event date are subject to a $70 cancellation fee. You can reschedule to another date at anytime without penalty.

How do I pay for an event?

You may pay for your event with a either  Email Money Transfer, MasterCard and Visa Card.

Can I select the games?

Yes. That’s part of the booking process. Let us know the types of games you would like us to provide.

Can I bring food and or drinks into the theater?

No food or drinks are permitted inside our Video Game Theater.