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  • High resolution wireless VR HMD display
  • Refresh rate 90 Hz
  • Incredible VR Games


Positioned as a high-end professional unit, the HTC Vive Pro has a high resolution AMOLED display and features advanced tracking with SteamVR. For experiences that rely on sound, the headset is capable of 3D Spacial audio.

Offering a 78% sharper display than the original HTC Vive, this headset is guaranteed to impress attendees at your event or exhibition.

The redesigned face cushion and nose pad block even more light than the original Vive, which deepens your sense of presence. The face cushion contours to most face shapes with new cloth-lined foam, while the nose rest covers any nose shape thanks to a unique flower petal-inspired design.

Each controller features 24 sensors for accurate tracking and unobstructed movement. You get that 360˚ motion tracking with Vive thanks to two base stations that plots the headset and controllers exact location in space. When setting it up, you walk around the boundary of your play area, and it learns the layout. Then if you move your head or arm to the boundary, the Chaperone guidance system warns you with a blue grid in your vision.

PC Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the headset include:

  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, AMD RX 480 equivalent or better
  • CPU: Intel i5-4590, AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB or more of free space
  • Video Output: Display Port 1.2 Output (Note: It doesn’t work with HDMI)
  • USB Port: 1x USB 3.0 or better
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10
  • Extra Requirements: You will need administrator access rights on your PC to use the VR headset

What included

  1. HTC Vive Pro
  2. Tracking Sensors
  3. 2 x Sensor Power Supplies
  4. 2 x Controller
  5. 2 x Micro USB Cables
  6. 2x Sensor Stand
  7. 2 x USB Chargers to recharge controllers
  8. 1 x Link Box
  9. 1 x Power Adapter
  10. 1 x Display Port 1.2 Cable


Note: The Vive is recommended for indoor use, and we cannot guarantee the tracking will work outdoors.

You need a minimum of 1 x 1 meter of free space to use the Vive, however some content will work best with a minimum play area of 2 x 1.5 meters. The two sensors need:

  • Higher than anyone who will be standing or sitting in the area

  • In opposite corners from each other, with clear light of sight to each other
    No more than 5 meters apart

  • Each sensor has a 2.2 meter power cable which needs plugging in

Games & Experiences

Beat Saber 
Whether you’re playing the Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Pro or Playstation VR, Beat Saber is one of the most popular games in virtual reality. Your controllers become lightsabers and your must slice boxes that are timed with some amazingly fun music. This is definite crowd-pleaser and the first experience we recommend for anyone’s first taste of virtual reality. Watch out, you may work up a sweat.

Tilt Brush 
Paint in 3D with an unlimited palette using Tilt Brush. This experience takes painting to a new level. You can move around and create art in space. Output your work as GIF and share it with others. You can also play Pictionary by having teams watch the picture get drawn on the laptop (or a bigger TV / projector if you rent the laptop with video out). It’s a ton of fun.

Space Pirate Trainer
Stand on a platform and shoot down waves of drones trying to take you down first. This is a fun shooting game that allows you to move around, dodging bullets and returning fire. Virtual reality shooting games are much more interactive, and this kid-friendly shooter is a ton of fun.

SuperHot is a mind-blowing game. Your faceless enemies only move as fast you do. You can dodge bullets, punch enemies, grab objects to throw, and shoot. This interactive game can get intense, in a good way.

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VR gaming is the term used to describe a new generation of computer games with virtual reality (VR) technology that gives players a truly immersive, first-person perspective of game action

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