Category: Ottawa Birthday Parties

Category: Ottawa Birthday Parties

New parenting trend -‘no gifts allowed’ birthday parties

A new parenting trend sees parents increasingly hosting ‘no gifts allowed’ birthday parties for their kids.

Money-saving measures: In recent months, such invitations have become increasingly popular, as cash-strapped mothers look for ways to decrease costs, in any way, shape or form.

Expert: Psychologist, Dr Monique Robinson, said that it’s part of the overall trend towards minimalism – less presents means that the house is less overrun with ‘stuff’.

According to Dr Robinson, most parents ‘who choose the ‘no gifts allowed’ approach are coming from a really good place in terms of life lessons’. Read More

The dilemmas of planning your child’s birthday party when they get to school age

As you read this, tea and a crumpet on the go, catching up on the papers of a Sunday, spare a thought for me.

I will have been up with the lark, spreading jam onto white sliced, putting cheesy balls into bowls and trying not to drop the Captain America cake I asked someone to make (my effort last year tasted of dust and it makes me feel slightly less guilty than if I bought it at Asda).

This morning, my son is having his fifth birthday party. It involves a leisure centre, a bouncy castle, no vegetables, and a frazzled mummy who should have thought this through better and held it later in the day because it’s a really long time before she can have wine.

Kids’ birthday parties are stressful, we all know this. What I didn’t know was how much more stressful, complicated, political, even, they become once your child is of school age. Read More


How to have fun with your child’s birthday party in Ottawa

The cost of both hosting and attending birthday parties can be a financial worry for some parents of young primary school children where the trend is to invite the whole class, but not anymore with GamesOnTruck in town.

GamesOnTruck allows parents to invite an average of 16 children if the birthday party is 2 hours and approximately 8 children if the party is 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

The party truck allows 16 kids to party and play video games at a time, and kids can take a turn to allow room for other kids to have fun.

With GamesOnTruck parent host their child’s party at home but, not in their home and this reduces cost of obtaining a commercial party venue.

GamesOnTruck video game party also allows parents to organise sizable parties according to their purse with different packages available on the website.

Parents shouldn’t feel they need to impress anybody but their own child and all they need is a cake, pizza and GamesOnTruck to add the fun.


* Be sensible – there will be other mums of your child’s classmates who feel as you do around keeping down cost and time spent planning.

* Share birthday parties with classmates all born in the same month.

* Birthday party food needn’t break the bank. Google easy, healthy, fun recipes.

Beyoncé shares photos from Blue Ivy’s extravagant birthday party

It turns out Beyoncé is just as good at throwing birthday parties as she is at producing hits.

The world-famous pop star held a lavish, fairy-inspired blowout for her daughter Blue Ivy’s 4th birthday earlier this year. The newly released photos show a sprawling green lawn covered in couches and teepees, a kid-friendly bow and arrow station and a pair of actresses suited up as fairies. from

Blue Ivy wins at birthday parties

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It shouldn’t come as any surprise really: Blue Ivy has already beaten us when it comes to the parental lottery, exotic destinations visited and record-busting videos appeared in, so we’re not even mad that a four-year-old has just left any childhood

Blue Ivy’s Birthday Party Is Now My #WeddingGoals & I Am Not Ashamed — PHOTOS

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When you’re the offspring of the music industry’s most powerful couple, there’s no question that your birthday parties are going to be lavish AF. So it comes as no surprise that Blue Ivy’s fourthbirthday party looked more magical than most weddings

Beyonce Shared Pics From Blue Ivy’s 4th Birthday Party, & It Was Total #PrincessGoals

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I think it was always pretty safe to assume that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy has a fancier life than most people, but now we actually have proof. Beyoncé shared pics from Blue Ivy’s 4th birthday party on her website Tuesday, and let’s just

Inside Beyonce’s AMAZING birthday party for Blue Ivy: See the incredible pictures

It’s always been clear that Beyonce is not your average mum, what with being a global superstar and icon’n all. But the singer has just proved that, when it comes to mummy duties, she sure knows how to rock it and can pull out the best birthday parties

Blue Ivy just gave a whole new meaning to #PartyGoals 10:00AM
No longer will we be shelling out £400 on a table at a ridiculously pretentious club for our birthday. Nor will we be booking in for a fancy afternoon tea only to take ridiculously bored (but aesthetically pleasing) Instagram photos. No, no, no; next

Beyoncé Did Something Truly Epic for Blue Ivy’s 4th Birthday

BET – ‎Apr 13, 2016‎
While her birthday was earlier this year on January 7, her mama Beyoncé recently blessed us by sharing some amazing snapshots on her official website of the fabulous fairy-themed party that she and hubby Jay Z arranged for their little one’s 4th birthday.